Mission Blue: Our Chance to Save Our Oceans

Mission Blue documents the life and work of environmental activist Sylvia Earle. ‘Mission Blue is also the name of Earle’s organization dedicated to reversing the damage done to Earth’s oceans by human beings.

EarleDirected by Robert Nixon and Fisher Stevens, the film tells Earle’s personal stories, traces her professional development, and introduces her Mission Blue, an initiative of the Sylvia Earle Alliance.

Diminutive in frame but giant in spirit, Earle must have been born with a connection with, and passion for our oceans. That passion seems to have eclipsed her three marriages. The film proffers exquisite underwater cinematography, and presents a broad outline of how we are rapidly damaging our oceans—and, ultimately, ourselves. We also learn about Earle’s initiative to create and expand ‘Hope Spots’ which are areas of the ocean where fishing and dumping are prohibited.

Earle tells much of her own story, and we hear from several of her peers and admirers—including friend James Cameron.

A Netflix documentary, produced by Insurgent Media, Mission Blue is yet another powerful, consummately-produced documentary film that is a must-see for all those concerned about our Earth’s environment, and an absolute must-see for those who are not concerned.


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