Miss Hill: Making Dance Matter

If Martha Hill never existed, or if she had chosen another life to live, where would modern dance be today?

miss-hill-lrg1The fact that this is a legitimate question is why you should see director Greg Vandeer Veer’s brilliantly produced cinematic biography of Martha Hill’s life in dance which focuses on her role as a quiet yet powerful force in shaping modern dance and bringing it to the main stage of performing arts in the United States, if not beyond.

Miss Hill: Making Dance Matter tells the previously behind-the-scenes story of Martha Hill’s crucial participation in supporting the early icons of modern dance, teaching countless students, fostering the art form’s emergence into institutes of higher learning, and raising the dance’s status to the level of a fine art.

Editor Elisa Da Prato and music composer Florent Ghys provide essential contributions in making a film with production qualities that mirror the power and grace of modern dance.

Whether or not you are involved with modern dance in any way, Miss Hill: Making Dance Matter will amaze and inspire as you see, hear, and learn of the dedication, tenacity, and perspicacity Martha Hill brought to bear in practically birthing modern dance’s emergence.



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