Marinoni: The Fire in the Frame

The ‘frame’ is a bicycle frame, the fire emits from a welder’s torch.

Marinoni: The Fire in the Frame is Tony Girardin’s affectionate profile of part-curmudgeon, part-angel Giuseppe Marinoni, an Italian transplant living his life in the Canadian province of Quebec.

marinoni_buildingMarinoni was an accomplished competitive bicyclist in his homeland. When he journeyed to Canada for competitions, he did not return. After several false starts Marinoni discovered a passion for building bicycles, and became a celebrated master of same.

Now, at age 75, he is returning to the track, preparing for his first competition in many decades—a grueling one-hour ride the measure of which is how much distance the rider rides. He intends to set a new world record.

Girardin’s film is touching and quietly jaw-dropping. In addition to Marinoni’s crafting of bicycles, he takes care of six chickens, a large vegetable garden, a few grape vines, and enjoys mushroom hunts.

In addition to documenting Marinoni’s life and his competition, Girardin tells the story of the sweet relationship that emerges between the young filmmaker and the old master.

A First Run Features release, Marinoni: The Fire in the Flame is a delightful, inspiring film.



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