Land of Little Rivers

Aaron Weisblatt’s Land of Little Rivers introduces the worlds of trout fly fishing. In a very short 90 minutes the film introduces a growing community of people dedicated to this particular approach to fishing—one which demands hard-earned expertise and infinite patience, along with therapeutic benefits.

From the film’s website: “The Land of Little Rivers, a network of tributaries in the Catskill Mountains of New York, is the birthplace of fly fishing in America, and the mecca for resident and visiting anglers obsessed with the sport.”

The film features a large number of anglers viewing fly fishing from a cornucopia of angles: History / Gender Demographics / Geography / Rivers and Water Politics / Flies and Fly Tiers / Rods / Environment / Politics / Iconic Characters / Guides (those who teach) / Clients (those who are taught) / Museums, Centers, and Exhibitions

As the film flowed on, I became more and more fascinated with this highly evolved sport, and, especially with the people so fully dedicated to it.

The Cinema Libre Studio DVD includes these special features: Angler’s Round Table, A Tour of the Catskill Hatchery, Rob Lewis on Tying Realistic Flies, and Land of Little Rivers Trailer.

Land of Little Rivers streets May 19, 2020, on DVD and streaming on Amazon and Vimeo.




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