Kiss The Ground: Regenerating Earth

“We get the soil right, we can fix a lot of our issues. Healthy soils lead to a healthy plant, healthy plant, healthy animal, healthy human, healthy water, healthy climate.”
Ray Archuleta, Conservation Agronomist

Directed by Joshua Tickell and Rebecca Harrell Tickell, Kiss The Ground is all about soil—not lifeless dirt, but fertile soil. The film’s fundamental premise is that farming with soil creates a cascade of far-reaching environmentally positive results. The film clearly confirms the accuracy of this premise.

The seemingly ubiquitous Woody Harrelson provides heartfelt narration, but it is the many environmental authorities and activists who make the points and the pleas.

I have viewed and reviewed my fair share of environmental documentaries a few of which specifically cover the many values of healthy soil and farming practices. Kiss The Ground is the most expertly produced and, especially, the most compelling documentary film on the subject of soil, farming, and their relationships to local and global environmental health I’ve had the pleasure to experience.

At the moment only 5% of farming in the United States is soil-based. Increasing that percentage significantly can obviate the need for farm subsidies, and increase farmers’ and ranchers’ incomes. But, it is the numerous global positive environmental and health impacts of soil-based farming that is the call.

Kiss The Ground is a Netflix documentary, but the film will be available on DVD and Blu-ray. I expect an announcement of the disc’s release by the end of January, and will amend this review with that information.

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Ray Archuleta, Conservation Agronomist
NRCS [Natural Resources Conservation Service]

John Wick, [I Know] Cofounder, Marin Carbon Project

Dr. Kristine Nichols, Chief Scientist, Rodale Institute

Allan Savory, Founder, Holistic Management

Jeff Creque, Rangeland Director, Carbon Cycle Institute /

Soil Health Academy

Ian Somerhalder

The Nature Conservancy

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