Jane’s Journey: The Life and Work of Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall opens this documentary about herself and her work with this story:

JG“I used to get pretty fed up when people thought I was Diane Fossey, and they said, ‘I loved your movie, you know, Gorillas in the Mist.’

And I would say, ‘Well, you saw that movie?’


‘You remember, the lady was killed?’


‘Well, here I am.'”

Written and directed by Lorenz Knauer, beautifully photographed, and with great sound, Jane’s Journey provides a broad outline of Jane Goodall’s life as well as an introduction to her work—as of the film’s production.

I’m not far from those people who confused Goodall with Sigourney Weaver’s Diane Fossey. Goodall to me was nothing more or less than a famous naturist who studied chimpanzees.

Viewing Knauer’s film, I embarrassingly learned she’s a globally recognized champion of our environment, all wildlife, and even us humans who are in the midst of destroying our ecosphere. As of the film’s production, the 77 year-old-and-going-strong Goodall is a hard-working advocate of hope in the midst of our seemingly ceaseless destructive behavior, with a special focus on children who are our only hope for saving ourselves and our world—from ourselves.





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