Invisible Hands: The Destruction of Childhood

“Willfull ignorance”—That is the term one speaker in Shraysi Tandon’s Invisible Hands calls our attitude toward the use of 200 million children around the world to manufacture the products the ‘civilized’ world consumes with gleeful abandon. The hands, of course, are not invisible, we simply have yet to remove our self-inflicted blinders.

Shraysi Tandon’s directorial debut rips those blinders from our heads. She takes us around the world—Indonesia, United States, Africa, China, India—to document this global heart-breaking horror. No, the mean-spirited, blinded-by-greed will not lift a finger.

Her film is for those of us suffering the cognitive dissonance of caring about the damaging influence of our purchases, and struggling to rationalize our inaction.

Tandon confronts our dissonance with her film and these resources:




Bachpan Bachao Andolan

Worker Rights Consortium

Child Labor Free

The Great Palm Oil Scandal

Invisible Hands is a First Run Features release.





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