Into the Okavango: A Harrowing, Life Changing Expedition

‘The Okavango Delta is one of the largest freshwater wetlands in southern Africa, the main source of water for a million people, and one of Africa’s richest places for biodiversity. Since 2015, National Geographic Fellow Dr. Steve Boyes and an interdisciplinary team of scientists and explorers have been surveying the river system and working to protect the Okavango watershed.’



“When I discovered the Okavango Delta—I think I’d been searching for it my entire life. It was this vastness—this incredible unending wilderness. I saw what the world used to be without us. And it is delicate—a delicate thing that we need to protect.” Dr. Steve Boyes

Into the Okavango follows Boyes’ and his expeditionary party of explorers on a grueling four-month, 1,500 mile, life-changing trek as part of National Geographic’s Okavango Wilderness Project to save the river system that feeds the delta—one of Earth’s last wetland wilderness.

Director Neil Gelinas provides captivating nature images and sounds as he and his production team follow the trekkers and their ten long, thin canoes from journey’s start to end. Into the Okavango is one of those documentary films that makes you yearn for a making-of special feature.

“The person I was when I started this expedition is completely different than the person I was when I left it. I learned to let the ghosts of the past stay in the past. The trip changed all of our molecules. It changed how I see everything, including what it means to be an Angolan.” Adjany Costa, expedition biologist




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