Intelligent Trees

Suzanne Simard, Ph.D. and German forester Peter Wohlleben are two of the six researchers who reveal the hidden life of trees in Julia Dordel’s and Guido Tölke’s Intelligent Trees.

Earlier this century filmmaker James Cameron let the world know he was already hip to the true nature of trees when he cast Sigourney Weaver as tree researcher Dr. Grace Augustine in his first ‘Avatar’ film. The fictional scientist was arriving at the knowledge that trees communicate with each other.

These six nonfictional researchers are confirming and affirming this understanding with elaborate, challenging and provocative scientific discoveries of the extent to which trees have intelligence and compassion. Summarizing my understanding of what has been demonstrated so far, trees are social, they relate to each other in numerous ways, and they have specific needs that must be met in order to be healthy and happy.

In natural circumstances trees are cooperative and supportive of each other. They have ‘families’ and ‘friends’ and ‘communities’—they also take care of their young and/or ailing neighbors.

Trees have a form of consciousness that deserves respect and care. Our world would be much healthier and happier if we were to incorporate this understanding into our care for trees. The film’s researchers provide clues of how to provide that care.

Available from Amazon and Vimeo, Intelligent Trees is another well-produced environmental documentary that is an absolute must see.

50% of the film’s revenue goes towards Dr. Simard’s ongoing research on the communication between trees. Her work is housed in the Forest and Conservation Science centre at The University of British Columbia.

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