Injecting Aluminum

Produced in France, directed by Marie-Ange Poyet, and distributed by Burbank’s Cinema Libre Studio, Injecting Aluminum provides viewers with all the information needed to chose not to have themselves and their children inoculated with vaccines containing aluminum.

Poyet interviews authorities and experts who provide this crucial information—as well as people who have become seriously ill after receiving a vaccine containing aluminum. She takes an unconventional approach to identifying her interviewees. Instead of the usual name flashing on the screen when each interviewee first speaks, there is a list of the interviewee’s names at film’s conclusion. Much more helpful is the distributor’s webpage which contains information about the interviewees.

I’ve been hearing about aluminum and brain damage for most of my adult life. The fundamental message of this film is that much more research needs to be done regarding aluminum’s impact on biological systems. And, of course, while waiting for the results, err on the side of caution—don’t inject aluminum.

For objective information about vaccines, go to The National Vaccine Information Center. For a list the specific ingredients of particular vaccines, go to Vaccine Ingredients Calculator.


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Pictured: Didier Lambert

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