Healing from Hate: Battle for the Soul of a Nation

“I was involved with the skinheads scene from the late-eighties, all the way to the mid-nineties. It was the birth of my daughter, seeing that little girl in the delivery room. My son, he was born 15 months later. They saw the magnificence in me when I couldn’t see it. They gave me the gift that allowed me to re-humanize.”
Former Skinhead

Healing from Hate introduces the inevitable counter response to the tragic emergence of American neo-Nazis, White Nationalists, and Skinhead groups who are fostering epidemics of hate and violence across the nation. The film covers former members of these groups who have found their way out, and those who are supporting the men and women who are contemplating exiting these groups, or have already done so, but are in need of continued support in creating new lives.

With input from sociologist and author Michael Kimmel—(GuyvilleAngry White Men and Healing From Hate)—and interviews from members of Life After Hate we hear and see tragic, harrowing, and inspiring stories of men internally trapped in hate mindsets; former hate group members who are reaching out to the trapped; and those who have found liberation from the hateful mindset and hate groups they have peopled for years.

Directed by the multi-talented and well-lauded Peter Hutchison, Healing from Hate is one of a triad of films the director is producing in his coverage of hate. The other two documentaries are ‘Angry White Men: American Masculinity in the Age of Trump’ and ‘Auschwitz: Journey into Reconciliation’.

Healing from Hate is a very well-produced, much-needed film addressing the emergence of a devastating subculture searing the people of the United States of America. It deserves to be, it needs to be seen by a very large audience.

The film opens in Los Angeles on September 4 at the Laemmle Virtual Cinema and will expand out nationwide from there.





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