Hannah: Buddhism’s Untold Story

Hannah Nydahl is a formerly unsung hero of Buddhism—Tibetan flavored. She and partner Ole studied and practiced Tibetan Buddhism intensely and devoted their lives to spreading the principles and practices of this philosophy or religion—depending on your perspective.

Produced and directed by Marta György Kessler and Adam Penny, Hannah tells the couple’s epic story—their travels, adventures, and gratifying success in creating Buddhist centers around the world. The focus is on Hannah because of the power of her presence, the compassion and joy she exudes.

There is a tremendous amount of information in this film, and no want of Sanskrit and Tibetan names and words. This is code for turn on your subtitles, and don’t hesitate to rewind if you miss something. Also, I would have remixed the sound with the music a little softer to enhance our hearing of the words. But, that is nowhere near a deal-killer in this film. Hannah and its subject, Hannah, will stay with you the rest of your lives.

There is so much to the story of Hannah and Ole that I heartily suggest you view the Kino Lorber disc’s special features and consult the film’s site to learn more about their accomplishments.


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