Can You Hear Us Now?: A Season in the Life of Wisconsin Politics

  • Can You Hear Us Now? is another painful reminder of democracy’s frailty, as well as a call for hope and change from inspiring candidates.

Director Jim Cricchi and writer Susan Peters of Twelve Letter Films tell this all-too-common story of the sabotage of American democracy. This time the battlefield is in the State of Wisconsin. Governor Scott Walker is the bad guy, and this guy has plenty of minions—in the State and around the nation. Tony Evers is the good guy seeking the Governorship, fighting for a compassionate and just Wisconsin.

The film finds Walker in his third Gubernatorial race following his previous two consecutive wins, while Trump is seeking his second Presidency. The primary foci of the film, however, are the several women Democratic candidates running for various local and State positions They are struggling mightily to get back their Wisconsin, the one with neither abusive gerrymandering, nor voter suppression, and no ID laws—the one that cares for all its people, and encourages them to vote, to participate in the ongoing political process.

Distributed by bullfrogfilms, and Amazon, Can You Hear Us Now? takes its audience on a rollercoaster ride of nonstop, State-based political battles and machinations. The passionate candidates are thoroughly inspiring. The film is expertly produced, and the soundtrack by Caleb Stine perfectly surrounds this dynamic story.



(Pictured: Jeni Estrada, a single mother working three to four jobs at any one time, and a candidate for Assembly District 25.)

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