Blurred Lines: The State of the Art of Art

Barry Avrich and Jonas Prince have created the most concise feature documentary about the current art world possible. In Blurred Lines they interview critics, players, observers, and, of course, artists all providing a myriad of perspectives, experiences, and opinions. Flashing in the background are the expected myriad images of the tokens traded within this world. All done with excellent filmmaking craft.

The two filmmakers have structured their film in several sections called ‘Lots’—for instance Market, Galleries, Auctions, Art Fairs, etc. After seeing and hearing all these Lots—that is, the entire film—the non-art-world viewer will likely be overwhelmed at the complexity, scale, and richness of this multidimensional world of images, ideas, and money.

Speaking of images, they fly by fast, many are sensational. I whole-heartedly encourage viewers to keep their fingers on the pause button. Or, for wealthier viewers, be prepared to shout out ‘Pause!’ at any moment to your voice-controlled device. For even wealthier viewers, you can, of course, simply control your device with your thoughts.

Blurred Lines is distributed by Netflix, iTunes, and probably other sources.

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