Becoming Nobody: Ram Dass’s Greatest Hits

For those unfamiliar, Ram Dass was known as Dr. Richard Alpert, a Harvard-based psychologist. If you are one of those, Becoming Nobody is the best filmic introduction ever to the iconic psychologist turned spiritual teacher.

As of this writing—August, 2019—Ram Dass lives in Maui, Hawaii. He is 88 years old, living with the physical results of a stroke—but otherwise, very much with us.

Becoming Nobody features many Ram Dasses. We hear and see him speaking to large groups of people at various venues, at various times, around the United States—if not the world. And, we are with him in Maui, in dialog with director Jamie Catto.

The film provides a sequence of teachings that form the fundamental messages Ram Dass has shared with our world. For those of us already familiar with his teachings, Becoming Nobody is a review of his life’s teachings, and a thoroughly engaging delight. It is awe-inspiring to see our teacher in his later years, in his wheelchair, and thoroughly present.

For those not familiar with Ram Dass’s teachings, he has found words and expressions about spirit, or Eastern philosophy, or Indian religions that succinctly translate this wisdom for us Western folks. That is, you are in for a treat, a discovery—and a lot of contemplation.

Becoming Nobody opened September 6, in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Stay in touch with the film’s website for more information about seeing the film.




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