AYA Awakenings: Into the World of Ayahuasca

Aya Awakenings is a superbly crafted, highly sophisticated cinematic journey into psychedelic and transcendent consciousness.

abstract-multicolor-fractals-psychedelic-fresh-new-hd-wallpaperProduced and directed by Timothy Parish and Rak Razam, based on Razam’s book, Aya Awakenings: A Shamanic Odyssey, the documentary follows Razam on his personal journey into the Peruvian jungle and onto ayahuasca journeys. Razam skillfully narrates using a script adapted from his book.

Razam’s narration is accompanied by a significant amount of still photography, with occasional moving images including psychedelic animations. Dave Tipper’s music enhances the environments created by Parish and Razam.

Mirroring the excellence of the production, the film’s website provides viewers with a tremendous amount of gracefully designed information about the film and ways to follow up on its inspiring messages—including a link to the film’s Facebook Page.

My neighbor, an experienced ayahuasca journeyer, shared that this is the most accurate representation of the ayahuasca experience he’s ever seen.

This is a film to be seen more than once.




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