American Outrage: Continued Exploitation of Native American Territories

Directed by Beth Gage and George Gage, written by Beth, American Outrage  joins the ranks of documentary films which cover the United States government’s abuse and destruction of Native American lands and the corresponding mistreatment of Native Americans.

wild-horses-1140x500Carrie and Mary Dann are elderly grandmothers, members of the Shoshone Nation, living and ranching on Shoshone land. The film covers their physically demanding work as ranchers. Over a period of years the Bureau of Land Management which has become a tool of resource extraction industries makes moves to support the illegal reclamation of the land from the Dann sisters’ ranch, from the Shoshone Nation’s large swath of beautiful American territory which cradles the ranch.

The film takes us through several physical and legal moves authorities make, and which the sisters make in protecting their land – up to and including the United Nations. We also learn about the use of our hard-earned tax dollars in support of resource extraction industries.

To state the obvious, it is nearly impossible to watch this film without the experience of outrage.

The First Run Features DVD includes many special features. The film is officially endorsed by Human Rights Watch.

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