Our Lives Beyond Earth – Charity Event

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Sunday – May 17th, 2015 – 3:00 – 6:00pm



Andrew Tunks just bought a one-way ticket to Mars…

Mars One’s 100 selectee, Andrew Tunks and Filmmaker, Basil Moore,
reveal some intriguing mind twisting implications of traveling to and living on Mars,
finding hints and evidence of past forms of life.

Basil is beginning to document Andrew’s life leading up to Mars One over the next 10 years, and this event will be the first of many giving us an inside look into his journey.

From the Heart is proud to fiscally sponsor the Mars One Documentary:

Out of This World – Journey to Mars by Basil Moore


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Suggested Donations – $50


All contributions go to support From the Heart supporter and donor The Lost Studio
 130 South La Brea Ave, L.A., CA 90036



Mars RoverDo we still need to expect doomsday? Do we still need to worry about Moses and the Flood? A small space-ark, Mars One and NASA are going to Mars and may give our civilization a much-needed push to improve our global society. Poverty, ignorance and income disparity are going to be a thing of the past. Our collaboration is key.

Quantum entanglement and Warp Drive are the Holy-Grail of our existence will intersect and aid us in securing our future home. We look forward to doing this together — as one.

Obviously, the future of humanity cannot remain eternally on Earth. Science has proven that Earth will ultimately be destroyed along with our entire solar system. As an intelligent species striving for longevity and permanence in this universe, a constant search for our next habitat is going to be a priority part for our future generations’ agenda. Together, we must take the first step.

Our Speakers:

photoAndrew Tunks

Andrew earned his Master’s degree in Public Administration from USC and work as is one of the Mars One 100 candidates, in the running to be one of the first humans to colonize another planet. Andrew volunteered for this one way trip to Mars to be a part of human history, and to demonstrate that there can be more to life than what we typically believe. He works as a hospital administrator, using technology to improve health systems, and is writing a book that rethinks the future of society through fiction.




Jeffrey BoothJeff Booth

Jeff Booth is the Manager of the Astronomy and Physics Competed Missions and Technology Office at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

For the past 14 years, Jeff has been involved in mission formulation for astronomy, physics, heliophysics, and Earth science. Of particular interest, he has worked on developing mission concepts focused on studying the gasses in exoplanet atmospheres, as well as understanding the dark energy causing the acceleration of the Universe’s expansion. Jeff has a Masters degree in Particle Physics from UC Irvine, and has spent significant time rowing gondolas in Venice, Italy. 


Our Host:

Basil-MooreBasil Moore

Basil Moore, is a classically trained Mediterranean-British film composer, conductor and music producer. Love for filmmaking gravitated Basil towards film producing, directing and editing. A world-class artist, Published by Universal Music, Basil Moore has worked with the likes of Jullian Fellows, Andrew Thomas Jensen (Oscar winner), Joseph Fiennes, Ken Russell, Mini Driver, Michael Kamen, Catherine Bailey, Clive Brill, Steve Winwood, Peter Gabriel, Kent Walwin, Ilya Salkind, Richard Harris and Fiona McAlpine, to name a few. He is the product of an artistic family and an extensive dedication to filmmaking. A drummer at the age of 12, a classically trained pianist by the age of 17, a composer and conductor by the age of 19. Selected at the top 2% percentile on his entry exams to the Music Conservatory.

Special Performance By:

Kathryn TianKathryn Tian

Kathryn Tian is a World Champion Martial Artist. Her achievements include:

  • WAKO World Champion Rimini, Italy, 2014 (Team USA)
  • Best Athlete WAKO World Championships, Rimini, Italy, 2014 (Team USA)
  • MVP (Ocean State Grand Nationals), Warwick, RI 2015
  • Overall Grand Champion (American open), San Diego, CA 2014
  • 14 time World Champion title holder 2011-present (WAKO, NASKA and ATA)
  • 51 time State Champion (MA) 2007-2015
  • Featured in the ATA World Magazine 2012, 2014
  • Featured on Chinese National TV (CCTV) 2014



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