From the Heart Productions and Indiegogo Crowdfunding Partnership

New Indiegogo PartnershipFrom the Heart Productions and Indiegogo new partnership agreement provides discounted fees and exclusive benefits that will help indie filmmakers crowdfunding their projects.

We’ve partnered with Indiegogo since 2011 when they reached out to us to help filmmakers crowdfund on their platform.

We make a good team for filmmakers needing funding.  From The Heart Productions is a 501(c)3 non-profit that offers fiscal sponsorship to independent filmmakers to help them raise money for their films.  Indiegogo is a great platform for those filmmakers to crowdfund.

Our partnership has helped  fiscally sponsored filmmakers raise nearly $2.5 million on Indiegogo.  We’ve helped fund documentaries, features, web series, and short films.   We provide the experience and knowledge of how to get the money you need.  You supply the passion.

The Documentary "Goshen" Hit 120% of Goal

The Documentary “Goshen” Hit 120% of Goal

From the Heart Production and Indiegogo New Partnership Details

Indie filmmakers that have fiscal sponsorship through From the Heart Productions who crowdfund on Indiegogo (IGG) will get:

  • Special discounted rate for their campaign. (see below for details)
  • When the campaign reaches 30% in funding, the campaign will get placement in Indiegogo’s newsletter (with at least $10,000 in funds raised. Timing at IGG’s discretion).
  • When campaign reaches 30% in funding, the campaign will get social media placement (timing at IGG’s discretion).
  • Support from Pre-Launch to Post-Campaign from crowdfunding zen master and author John Trigonis and Marc Hofstatter, Indiegogo, Head of Creative.
  • Free consultation on setting up your campaign with From the Heart Productions president Carole Dean, author of “The Art of Film Funding, 2nd Edition: Alternative Financing Concepts”.

"Painted Nails" Hits Goal on Indiegogo


Working with Carole from the start of our campaign helped guide our success with our Indiegogo campaign for Painted Nails! We implemented her knowledgeable suggestions from the beginning and reached above and beyond our goal.  Carole is accessible, honest and encouraging.

Dianne Griffin – Producer/Director – “Painted Nails”



Discounted Crowdfunding Fees 

As part of this new partnership, From the Heart Productions and Indiegogo are both lowering their fees for filmmakers.  

Indiegogo’s usual fee for campaigns on their platform is 5%.   From the Heart Productions fiscal sponsorship fee is 5%.  

Your fee for running an Indiegogo campaign with From the Heart Productions will be a combined 7% (not including credit card fees).

How to Take Advantage of New Indiegogo Partnership 

This is only available to filmmakers who’ve been accepted into From the Heart Productions fiscal sponsorship program.  

Fiscal sponsorship is a great way to raise money for your project as it gives tax deductions to donors.   It is available through From the Heart Productions as it is a 501(c)3 non-profit.  Click here to apply.

Setting Up Your Indiegogo Campaign with From the Heart Productions

After acceptance into the fiscal sponsorship program, filmmakers need to notify From the Heart Productions if they will be crowdfunding on Indiegogo. 

Now, you can begin to set up your Indiegogo campaign.

As you set up a draft of your campaign page, you need to:

  • Add banking information, EID number, and some additional information that payment processor Stripes requires for From the Heart Productions that we will provide you (money for fiscally sponsored projects must go to From the Heart Productions as the fiscal sponsor first before being dispersed).  If you have contacted From the Heart Productions before beginning on Indiegogo, you will have this information.   If not, please contact us at
  • Add From the Heart Productions as a team member on your campaign.
  • Mention on your page that your project is fiscally sponsored by From the Heart Productions.

While you may be anxious to start your campaign, do not go live yet.

Before You Go Live with Indiegogo Campaign

Send a copy of the draft or link to the campaign to John Trigonis ( and Marc Hofstatter () and copy Carole Dean of From the Heart Productions ()

They will provide you with feedback and tips to improve your campaign.  We will also need to check campaign has been set up correctly in regards to working with From the Heart Productions.

Special Contact If You Have Any Issues

If you have any problems or questions while trying to create your draft or start a campaign, you do not need to contact customer services.  Please contact your personal contacts who will help you with process.  

Contact John Trigonis ( and Marc Hofstatter () and copy Carole Dean of From the Heart Productions ()

Receiving Funds

For your campaign, you can choose fixed funding (you get the money only if you reach your goal) or flexible funding (you get whatever amount is raised regardless of reaching your goal).  

Funds are transferred by Indiegogo to From the Heart Productions 7 to 10 business days after the end of the campaign.   Money will be transferred by From the Heart Productions to the filmmaker 5 to 7 business days after it has been received. 

Other Great Benefits of Working with From the Heart Productions

Tax Deductible Donations

From The Heart Productions is a 501(c)3 non-profit.  We are again Top-Rated Non-Profit for 2017.   When you work with us, we will become your fiscal sponsor.  This will give donors to your projects tax deductions for their donations.  That gives them a powerful incentive to donate more and more often.

Extra Credibility for Your Film With Donors and Grantors

We are again Top-Rated Non-Profit for 2017.  When you are fiscally sponsored by From the Heart, you’ve been accepted by a non-profit organization that for 24 years has funded and nurtured hundreds of films that have gone on to win many awards and which have been viewed all over the world.

Special Discounts on Film Production Services and Goods

From The Heart Productions founded the Roy W. Dean Film Grant.  The 3 grants each year award nearly $100k in cash and film services each year to filmmakers.  Our generous grant donors have agreed to help our fiscally sponsored films as well.

You will get discounts on camera lens rentals, legal services, hard drives, marketing, and even audio editing.   They are all from nationally recognized individuals and companies.  A full list of the discounts can be found at Fiscally Sponsored Filmmaker Discounts

Help Other Filmmakers Get Their Films Made

A large portion of the fees go to support The Roy W. Dean Grant.  The grant is awarded 3 times a year to films that are unique and make a contribution to society. They are either not yet in production or completed and need assistance to get finished.  They deal with important, often life changing subjects.  Without the grant, they may not ever get made.

Thanks to those filmmakers that have worked with us on Indiegogo, we’ve been able to double the cash portion of the grant. You can check out our grants at

Need Help to Get Started 

Its easy to start a crowdfunding campaign with From The Heart Productions on Indiegogo.

You will need to have us as your fiscal sponsor.  Apply by filling out the From The Heart Fiscal Sponsorship Application.

For information on being fiscally sponsored by From The Heart, go to our Fiscal Sponsorship Info Page


Refund Policy

Please note that Indiegogo does not issue refunds for campaign donations for campaigns that don’t meet their goals, and cannot end a campaign early after it has started. These funds are automatically disbursed to From the Heart and processed through our 501(c)3 and cannot be returned to Indiegogo. You will receive a check as usual from From the Heart, adjusted for your Fiscal Sponsorship and processing fees. If you wish to issue refunds, you are responsible for sending payments to your donors individually.