Foundation center info on corporate giving for 2011

Foundations Today Series

Giving by this country’s more than 75,000 grantmaking foundations fell by an estimated 8.4 percent to $42.9 billion in 2009-a roughly $3.9 billion decline from the prior year’s record high. This followed a more than 17 percent drop in foundation assets in 2008. Among factors helping to moderate the overall decline in giving were the decision of a signifi cant number of funders to reduce their operating expenses and/or use their endowments to shore up their giving during the crisis; increased
giving by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; continuing gifts and bequests from donors into new and existing foundations; and the practice of asset-averaging by some foundations, which reduces the impact on giving of year-to-year fluctuations in asset values.

The Foundation Center estimates that foundation assets rebounded slightly in 2009, rising 3.3 percent to $583.4 billion, and that giving will remain flat in 2010. As the economic recovery falters, the outlook beyond 2010 remains unclear, but there continues to be potential for modest positive growth in 2011 foundation giving.

$42.9 billion
Estimated giving by all
foundations in 2009

Estimated increase
in foundation giving
between 2008
and 2009

Estimated increase in
foundation assets
between 2008
and 2009