Donate Film 

From the Heart is a 501 C 3 nonprofit company. We exist through your generocity. Our aim is to create films that are unique and make a contribution to society. We started our grants in 1992 and currently we have three grants a year. Through our grants, we have helped finance over 30 documentary films that we are very proud of. You may have seen them on PBS, Court, Discovery or other places.

We are now able to accept donations of unused 35mm and 16mm film short ends and recans. If you have any footage no matter how old or how short, we can take that as a donation and give you a tax credit letter for .10 cents per foot. Just email me the total footage and I will contact you with full shipping information and send you a tax deduction letter.

or call 805-984-0098

Your donation will support documentary and independent filmmakers through our grants and free consultations. Thank you.